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Delusional Family Thinks Mason Jar Full Of Change Will Be Enough For A Trip To Disney

Published Friday, March 17th, 2017

Frequently contributing handfuls of change to the mason jar resting on the bookcase in their living room, members of the McCool family have deluded themselves into thinking that, when full, the jar will be enough for a trip to Disney.

“I call it our ‘Vacation Jar,’” said Mrs. McCool, tossing in a dime and mentally estimating that that would bring the total to somewhere in the low one thousands. “We haven’t cashed it in a few years now and sometimes I get impatient. But then I remember it’ll all be worth it when it pays for airplane tickets, a room in a hotel, and park passes for my family of four. And if we’re really patient and keep saving all the way to the top — not just to the bottom of the rim for the cap — we’ll have enough for the kids to get any souvenir they want.”

“I’m excited that Mom and Dad say we can use it to go to Disney,” said Bobby McCool, fishing a stray paper clip out of the jar. “There are way more quarters in here than any of the smaller coins. So it’s definitely a lot of money and it’s nice they’ll let us use it on something fun.”

At press time, the McCools were scrounging around the inside of the family car for coins, figuring the loose change would let them stay at Disney for an extra night.

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