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Discussion Post Manages To Say Literally Nothing In 250 Words

Published Friday, May 12th, 2023

Uploaded to Canvas mere seconds before the 11:59 pm deadline, a discussion post assigned in an English class manages to say absolutely nothing in 250 words.

“I personally, as myself, a person, who is alive, in this very moment, found it very interesting, some might even say intriguing or captivating, that this book, more specifically known as a novel or a collection of related fictitious prose, uses letters and punctuation, such as commas and periods, to form sentences that were then read by me, a person, as well as my classmates, who are also people,” stated the discussion post, providing so many words yet no original thought. “The thing about this work of literature is that it operates as so much more than a work of literature. It is also a book. Consequently, it is something that people read. For example, I read it by looking at the pages, mentally interpreting the characters, and comprehending the meaning. While that was an experience, it also happened. In this book, the nuances are very nuanced, the juxtapositions are very juxtaposed, and the drama is very dramatic. The characters have been written and so has the plot. I think that these elements of the novel prompt the reader or audience to ask many questions. I am wondering about these questions right now. Are you wondering about these questions too? I think that these questions are very interesting to think about. Thinking about thinking about these questions is a very fruitful, full of fruit, and enlightening experience as well. Clearly, the author’s intention has been intended. However, themes exist in this novel. Although they exist, they are also apparent. As I continue reading this book, I am going to continue reading it.”

At press time, a student earned their participation point in section by saying that they agree with a classmate.

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