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Even I Think That PETA Is Really Obnoxious by Factory Farm Pig #3276

Published Friday, March 8th, 2019

Look, it’s not that I don’t appreciate what PETA is trying to do for all of us, but sometimes I just wish they would chill out a little bit, ya know? It’s like, thanks for your advocacy guys, but forcing veganism on everyone through shame tactics really isn’t doing me any favors.

Don’t get me wrong, having an organization fight on behalf of your rights is great. It really is. But man, their Twitter feed can be such a buzzkill. I’ll just be scrolling through some some gifs of cats wearing mittens, and then some video of a flea-ridden stray dog lying in the gutter will pop up on my timeline. Ugh, Classic PETA.

Would I rather be outside in the open fields than crammed into this 8 foot by 8 foot pen with 32 other factory farm pigs? Of course! It’s a nightmare in here. But don’t even get me started on PETA’s whiny social media campaigns. News flash! People are generally on board with treating animals fairly until you call them “anti-animal” for saying things like “bring home the bacon.” It’s unnecessary. Like, bacon is really good- even I can understand that.

So take it down a couple notches PETA. Thanks for the empathy and all, but you’re really killing the vibe out here.


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