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Film Bro Lauds Martin Scorsese's Range From Blue- Collar Organized Criminals to White-Collar Organized Criminals

Published Monday, October 31st, 2022

According to sources, film bro and MCM concentrator Max Markwith has lauded Martin Scorsese’s range from blue-collar organized criminals to white-collar organized criminals.
“I mean, Goodfellas? Wolf of Wall Street? Those movies are just so different,” said Markwith, referring to the different kinds of felonies committed in Scorsese films. “Scorsese’s got a diverse array of interests.”
“Only Scorsese could take us from a mob hangout where men are conspiring to commit crimes to an office where men are conspiring to commit crimes,” Markwith said, marveling at the wide variety of tableaux that Scorsese crafts. “I mean, he’s just a renaissance man.”
At press time, Markwith was praising Damien Chazelle’s range from white jazz musicians in New York to white jazz musi- cians in LA.

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