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Forgetful Freshman Didn’t Pack His Parents

Published Friday, September 15th, 2017

Sources report that freshman Michael McLaughlin reportedly forgot to pack his parents in his suitcase before leaving for college.

“I double-checked to make sure I had my toothbrush, two weeks of clothes, even my Cards Against Humanity set,” McLaughlin told the Noser. “But I totally spaced when it came time to put my parents in the trunk of the car before I set out.”

“I had a feeling that I forgot something big the entire trip here,” said McLaughlin. "It only hit me when I walked into my room for the first time and saw my roommate’s mom and dad boxed up next to his school supplies. Then this whole week, I’ve been realizing how much I messed up–I’ve been seeing moms and dads doing my hallmates’ laundry, tucking them in at night, making them breakfast, and gently waking them up in time for class. I’m managing for now, and my RA says I can borrow his dad whenever I need, which is nice.

Sources report that McLaughlin probably won’t be able to bring his own parents to campus until he goes back home to the West Coast during Thanksgiving break.

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