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Friend Asks “Is He Into Me?” About Guy Making Eye Contact While Kissing Different Girl

Published Friday, November 3rd, 2017

Sources report that student Carrie Mason was squinting across the club before asking her friend "is he into me?” about a guy making eye contact with her while kissing a different girl.

“He was holding this really intense, prolonged eye contact,” Mason said, “Which makes me think he was into me. But sometimes the other girl’s head would kind of block it, which was actually pretty rude of her.”

“I think he’s going to make a move,” Mason added. “Just look how he purposely angles his body towards me while making out with her. He’s definitely going to come over here, just after he finishes kissing this other girl.”

“I really think he’s trying to get my attention, her face is just in the way,” Mason continued, “and when he runs his hands through her hair, it seems like he’s trying to call me over to talk. I’m sure he’d come over and say something if there wasn’t that girl kissing him.”

After an impromptu bathroom break, Mason was last seen on her tip-toes, nervously scanning the dance floor for her mystery man.

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