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Guy Who Did Summer Abroad Nailing Pronunciation Of Pico De Gallo

Published Friday, October 25th, 2019

Sources report that Matthew Hornsteader, who spent his summer abroad, is absolutely nailing his pronunciation of pico de gallo. The student revealed his awesome linguistic aptitude as he was rounding out his burrito order at a local Bajas.

“Matthew freaking had it down pat,” reported Julie Monroe ’21, who was in line behind the veritable salsa savant. “When the employee asked if Matt wanted anything else, he asked for some of that pico de gallo. And wow, when he did, boy did he pull off the inflection on those syllables.”

All witnesses concluded that Hornsteader’s mastery of Spanish phonotactics was absolutely spellbinding. “All I know is that in that moment, I wasn’t on Thayer,” Monroe continued. “I was wherever he went abroad, which I’m assuming was probably somewhere in Central or South America?”

As of press time, news spread that Hornsteader had actually just taken a liking to a local taqueria while in London over break.

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