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Guy Who Refused To Buy You Plan B Really Reposting Roe V. Wade Infographic Right Now

Published Friday, September 16th, 2022

In an upsetting, but not surprising, turn of events, the guy who refused to buy you Plan B is reposting a Roe V. Wade infographic on Instagram right now.

“I am absolutely heartbroken for the millions of females who no longer have the choice to make informed decisions about their own bodies,” captioned the guy who ignored your requests to buy emergency contraception, despite being largely responsible for the potential pregnancy. “It’s utterly disgusting that we live in a society that allows cis white men to dictate the reproductive rights of women, and I am absolutely enraged thinking about the hardship and injustice that females must endure on a regular basis.”

By posting a pro-Roe V. Wade infographic on Instagram, your regrettable hookup ensured that all of his followers would know which states now restrict bodily autonomy. Not that he would respect your bodily autonomy in those states anyway, especially if it meant embarking on a five-minute trip to the drug store one Sunday morning.

“If any female needs someone to talk to right now, I’m more than happy to be a source of support during these difficult times,” he added, confirming that his DMs were open to emotionally vulnerable women looking for a nice guy. “I know that we will get through this…together. <3”

At press time, the guy who interned for Chevron was retweeting posts from Greta Thunberg.

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