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Guy With Guitar On Main Green Definitely Only Knows G Chord

Published Friday, September 13th, 2019

Sources report that Colby Parcheesi, that guy sitting on the Main Green with a guitar, clearly only knows how to play the G chord and nothing else.

“He started out with a nice strong G chord,” reported Katie Sweetnose, who sat down nearby to listen. “Then he played that same chord again, except he did that thing where he plays each string individually. Then he played G again, except in a reggae rhythm for another minute. It became apparent pretty quickly he only knew that one chord.”

“At one point, he paused and closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, so I thought he was about to do something cool and maybe change it up from the G chord,” Sweetnose added. “But sure enough, it was just a G chord again.”

At press time, Parcheesi started lightly tapping his guitar like a drum — but only at one tempo.

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