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Hey Buzzy, It's Me, Your Cousin Tony by Cousin Tony

Published Friday, October 25th, 2019

Hey Buzzy, It’s me, your Cousin Tony! C’mon, don’t tell me you don’t remember your Cousin Tony! I remember when you used to be a little kid kicking a soccer ball around. But you’re not that little anymore, are you Buzzy? No, you’re not. You’re Mr. Bigshot now, huh, Mr. Bigshot? Hey, tell me how’s all that going. It’s going well? The family is real proud with how you’ve been doing. I bet you’re pretty content with how things are going for you, as well. Yes, you’ve been doing great work, Buzzy. Really, impressive stuff. Soon, you’ll be running this whole thing, huh?

I’m sure you’ll be a natural, you’ve always been a natural since you were a kid. Oh, me? Uh, things are okay, Buzzy. Things are fine. I gotta be honest things aren’t going so great at the restaurant, actually. Business just ain't what it used to be, you know? Yeah, we’re still home baking our breadsticks, just like Pops used to. Yeah, you used to really love those breadsticks, huh, Buzzy? It would be my pleasure to send some of those over to you and I’ll tell you what, how about I send some olive oil over too? Would you like that?

You know, Buzzy I gotta be honest with you. It hasn’t been mere chance that has led to this reunion today. I actually knew you would be here, Buzzy. I wanted to talk to you about possibly helping out with the restaurant. You’re just such a hard guy to get a hold of these days. But I knew that when you heard that, me, your Cousin Tony, was in some financial troubles, surely you wouldn’t hesitate to help out, right? I mean, surely you wouldn’t hesitate when it comes to family, right Buzzy? Would you?

You know what would happen to the people who didn’t help out the family in the old days. I may not be in the business and I may just be a poor old restaurant owner but I am a proud man and I am family. Don’t be the one who doesn’t help out family, Buzzy. I would hate for you to be put in that position.

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