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Hip Hop Artist Thrilled To Be Writing Songs For White People With Acoustic Guitars To Cover

Published Friday, September 15th, 2017

Up-and-coming Providence rapper Simplicity confirmed in an interview last week his love for songwriting and his fanbase. Specifically, the rapper noted how happy he was to be making music that would inevitably be covered by white people with acoustic guitars, and then posted on Youtube.

Simplicity has been lauded in hip-hop circles for his subversive lyrics, tight musical production, and smooth, melodic flows, all of which he crafted with the intent for them to be stripped down and mellowly replicated with an acoustic guitar.

“I could record them with an acoustic guitar myself,” the rapper told the Noser, “But it wouldn’t be the same. I just love seeing the feedback covers of my song get. When I see a youtube comment that says, like, ‘Omg you have the voice of an angel’ or ‘Am I the only one who likes this better than the original?’ I feel like I’m doing my job as an artist.”

“I’m doing my best to follow the path of the all-time greats,” Simplicity said when reached for comment. “The Jackson 5, Ellie Mae Thornton, Chuck Berry, they all wrote songs that white people copied and made superficially accessible for white audiences. It touches me to think that there’s the next Elvis or Ed Sheeran somewhere out there, strumming chords to my songs on an acoustic guitar that his parents bought.”

At press time a nineteen year old college student was planning on covering Simplicity’s song “arrangement” for an open mic night and wondering what noun he’d use in place of the “n” word.

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