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Historians To Call Obama Administration America’s “Most Urban Presidency”

Published Friday, September 16th, 2016

Historians following Obama’s tenure for the past eight years have concluded that the 44th president’s administration will be classified as one of America’s most “urban presidencies.”

“Everything he does has like an… urban vibe to it, you know?” Dartmouth professor of American History Robert Oswald told reporters. After comparing pictures of all past presidents and deciding who looked the most urban, 94% of surveyed historians agreed Obama did.

“Nearly every modern president has been hit with pressures of dealing with a highly polarized nation at home in addition to quelling global disputes internationally,” Oswald said. “But Obama did it with this jazzy feel.”

Researchers continued their study by analyzing the president’s various mannerisms, which they have been able to add to this “urban” definition, explaining, “Although like all presidents, Obama possesses a strong sense of poise and respect, he also has this undeniable inner-city grit that has really defined his time in the White House.”

Historians agree the president’s basketball skills add to the “ethnic” vibe he has going for him.

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