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Humble Tenured Professor Only Assigns Half His Literary Corpus As Required Reading

Published Friday, December 1st, 2017

Sources report that Dr. Alden Frinton-Smith — Brown University’s T.F. McLoehn Professor of the Humanities, Noble arts and Ruminative Sciences — has humbly assigned only half of his entire literary career for the course he’s teaching next semester.

“I have included some of my works on the syllabus but only the essentials,” stated Professor Frinton-Smith, adamant that tenure hasn’t gone to his head and affected his commitment to fair and unbiased education. “These outside readings will really give some depth to the course, depth beyond what students can get in my lectures, during section, or at my office hours. I will also no longer be penalizing students for referencing theories I am not directly accredited with”.

Teaching Assistants in the class have reported that the modest Professor has now included some opposing views in his syllabus, but has also filled the remaining part with positive reviews, corroborating academic work, and ted-talks he sees as “directly inspired” by his academic contributions.

“Opening the required reading list to include other authors is really going to afford students a larger scope when it comes to considering my work,” explained Frinton-Smith. “In previous years, students were only offered paper prompts which contrasted two or more of my opposing theories, but now my students will be able to write ten-page papers comparing my ideas to those of Aristotle, Plato, and a few of my colleagues I disagree with”.

At press time, Professor Frinton-Smith was re-adding the second half of his works onto the syllabus under the “suggested reading” section.

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