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I Like Chicago Because The Hot Dogs Are Good There By Chance The Rapper

Published Friday, December 1st, 2017

No matter where my career takes me, no matter how big my music gets, I’ll never stop representing Chicago. I’ll never outgrow that city. I’ll never stop being loyal to it. All because of how good the hot dogs are.

When people hear “Chance the Rapper” they immediately think of Chicago. And when people hear “Chicago” they immediately think of hot dogs. Those are the kind of connections I love to make. Those quality hot dogs are why I reference Chicago in so many of my songs, they’re why I donated 1 million dollars to the Chicago school system. I’m just paying it back. A city that’s able to make such amazing hot dogs deserves that.

Getting to go on tour is the best thing about my job because I get to see all of my fans from all over the world. Every city, every town, and every show is amazing, but my favorite is always Chicago. And it’s my favorite because it’s the best place in the world for quality hot dogs.

Chicago is my city. I’ve been blessed to live there my entire life, which means I’ve been blessed to always have the best hot dogs in the world. You wouldn’t believe all the different kinds they have too: sauerkraut dogs, chili dogs, even Chicago Dogs. Those have pickles on them. I’m raising my daughter in this city so that she’ll be able to eat all these delicious hot dogs too. And I’ll keep doing free pop-up concerts there in the hopes of getting some free hot dogs out of the deal.

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