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“I Voted” Sticker Pretty Much Fused To Obnoxious PoliSci Student’s Skin At This Point

Published Friday, December 9th, 2016

Sources report that several weeks after the presidential election, junior Marcus Cunningham is still wearing his “I Voted” sticker.

“The election didn’t turn out the way I expected but I’m still happy I was able to do my part,” said Cunningham, gently smoothing the ruffled edges of his sticker so that the worn out adhesive would still stick. “This was the first action in a long series of me enforcing my Constitutional right to vote. And, boy, was it thrilling."

Cunningham defended his decision to keep wearing the sticker by saying that playing a role in the political process was something to be proud of. He went on to say that, every time he saw the faded image of that tiny American flag, he was reminded of the power he had in this democracy.

“I was standing behind him in the salad line at Joe’s and he just kept talking about how waiting in the line was bringing him back to waiting to vote at the polls,” said sophomore Chris Hoffman. “And he spoke about it with such reverence. I agree that voting is important but this kid really can’t get past it.”

At press time, Cunningham was reportedly researching if a dorm room can be a polling location.

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