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If Climate Change Is Real, Than Why Can I Put My Hands Over My Ears And Yell “LA-LA-LA-LA!” When People Try To Talk About It?

Published Friday, April 21st, 2017

Another day, another load of climate change lies. From scientists to the fake-news liberal media, the for-profit climate change machine keeps ringing the global warming alarm bells. But riddle me this, climate sheep: If climate change isn’t a big fat hoax, then why can I put my hands over my ears and yell “LA-LA-LA-LA!” when people try to talk about it?

I hear the arguments all the time. Sea level rise. Melting ice caps. Higher carbon concentrations. But before anyone can elaborate on them or explain how they’re caused by pollution, I close my eyes, cover my ears, and sing “NO! NO! NO! NO!” until the enviro-liars leave the room. Would I be able to do that if they were telling the truth and the earth was getting hotter? I don’t think so.

Every time I meet a climate freak, I point out the obvious: climate changes naturally, we’re warming up from the mini-Ice Age, etc. And all these MNSBC-coddled babies can ever muster as a comeback is leaving the room 20-30 seconds after I start yelping “STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP!” And these for-hire “scientists” expect me to believe them? Not in their wildest projections.

You would think that if their arguments were based in science, they would be able convince me. Nope. Their “logic” can’t be heard over my screams of “PLEASE LEAVE! PLEASE LEAVE!”

So keep whining about the polar bears, snowflakes. No one has been able to explain to me why we wouldn’t all be suffocating if there were so much “carbon pollution” as I wail “I’M RIGHT! I’M RIGHT! I’M RIGHT!” And until someone can explain that and everything else, I refuse to hop on the Climate Change Train of LIES.

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