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If The Government Wants To Take My Gun They Can Do It From My Cold Dead Hands Because I’ve Just Accidentally Shot Myself by Wayne LaPierre

Published Friday, October 26th, 2018

This is a message to the government: it is my god-given right to bear arms and nothing can deprive me of that. If you want to take my gun, you’ll have to do it from my cold dead hands, because I’ve just accidentally shot myself. And I’m fading fast.

The Second Amendment exists to protect our individual freedom, and if anybody thinks they can take that away from me, they’re dead wrong. I will be a proud American gun-owner for the rest of my life, which as it stands, will be roughly the next ten minutes.

Guns don’t kill people. I ended up killing myself, with a gun. But as long as I live, I will always stand against tyranny, or at least sit propped against a wall against tyranny, as I slowly lose consciousness on account of my self-inflicted bullet wound.

Every American citizen has the right to bear arms, and to eventually accidentally shoot themselves with those arms. The leftists want us to give in to fear and submit to their authoritarian ways – well you know what I say to that? Over my dead bo~

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