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The Brown Noser

I’m Mr. Scary, and I’m Going to Chase You

Published Saturday, February 18th, 2023

Mark, watch your back. You know who I am. I only come around to do one thing. I’m a one trick pony, Mark. You better get a head start because I am not playing around this time. I’m Mr. Scary, and I’m going to chase you all over the place. I won’t ever catch you Mark. But I’ll get real close. I’ll get so close to you with my really long fingernails. I’ll look so scary. I’ll be horrifying. I know your whole schedule Mark, I could be anywhere at any time, ready to chase you around. I’m real fast, but not quite faster than you are. I got you cornered, you son of a bitch. Your ass is grass, and I’m the lawnmower. You know who I am, you know what I do. I’m Mr. Scary, and I’m going to chase you. You’re next Mark, you’re next.

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