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Improv Group Obviously Just Doing Hamlet

Published Friday, September 15th, 2017

After watching one member mime holding a skull and deliver the “To be or not to be” soliloquy verbatim, it became clear to everyone in the audience that the improv group Laugh Yourself Silly was just performing Hamlet.

“They didn’t even bother naming themselves other names than the characters in the play,” said audience member Sadie Swable, adding that it was obvious everyone in the group knew when scenes were supposed to end and what was coming next. “And there was so much object work with fake swords.”

Sources report that although the group was given “nail polish” as the suggestion at the beginning of the show, the group immediately launched into an unrelated scene about seeing the king’s ghost.

“The show went a whole two and a half hours, too,” continued Swable. “The audience didn’t really know how to react but all the group members on the backline were laughing and gasping like they weren’t expecting any of the scenes. They were really keeping up the ruse that everything was improvised.”

During the final scene of the show, everyone faked dying.

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