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Indie Music Boy With Lowercase Name Probably Isn't Afraid To Cry In Front Of You, Baby

Published Friday, September 25th, 2020

Sources report that independent musical artist marc isn’t afraid to cry in front of you, baby. marc, whose new single “h0t and l0nely” is out on all music streaming services now, made the point clear in a recent press release.

“Yeah, I’ve just never really been afraid to be in touch with my emotions and it wouldn’t be any different with you, girl,” remarked marc, who wants to redefine the way we think about bedroom pop. “My mom is my best friend actually. I guess you could call me a momma’s boy. In fact, please do. Anyway I think that’s why I’m so good with my emotions, you know?”

“Are you pronouncing my name with or without the slash? Please don’t pronounce the slash anymore,” insisted marc, who used to go by marc/. “I used to have a slash in there in addition to it being lowercase but I didn’t want there to be any division between me and you because why make it harder for you to reach my heart?”

“Anyway that’s why I dye my hair gray. I feel like strawberry blonde doesn’t really capture what’s going on up here,” explained marc, gesturing around his head. “I’m honestly just trying to be as honest as possible in all my interactions. That’s why I got an eyebrow piercing too.”

“All music is good if it makes you feel something,” rasped marc with a shy yet vulnerable giggle. “That’s how I feel, at least. How do you feel? Haha I’m so grateful for my fans. I bear my soul everyday. Do you love me?”

At press time marc was depressed and lonely and thinking about the last time he saw your smiiiiiiiile.

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