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It Unclear Whether Student Band Good Or They Just Your Friends

Published Friday, October 30th, 2020

Senior Leo Curran reported on Thursday that it remains unclear whether the student band “Fragile Rat” is good or if they’re just his friends.

“I love the band, but I’m not sure exactly why,” said Curran, reflecting on his enthusiasm for Fragile Rat, every member of which is a friend of his. “I mean, they probably have some talent, but I also have close personal bonds with all of those guys and that may be clouding my judgement.”

Curran explained that he always has a great time at the band’s gigs, yet in retrospect it’s hard to tell whether he’s been basking in the group’s musical craft or just having fun jumping around in a basement with his friends.

“I think Terrence, the drummer, is pretty skilled,” Curran continued, struggling to set the band’s skill apart from the fact that he knows all of them well. “But then again, he was my roommate freshman year and we’ve lived together ever since, so I honestly have no idea.”

Further adding to the confusion, Curran noted that half of the band’s setlist is usually covers of songs he already likes.

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