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Jared Leto To Chill The Fuck Out In Preparation For Latest Role

Published Friday, December 1st, 2017

Sources report that in preparation for his latest role as a vacationing father, Jared Leto will chill the fuck out. Gearing up for the Fox Searchlight film, Leto is set to completely transform into the role by toning his shit the fuck down. The “Dallas Buyers Club” actor hopes to deliver a memorable performance as the father having a good, simple time with his wife and kids by taking it easy for once in his goddamned life. Known for staying om character on set, Leto’s method preparation has all been geared towards mellowing down just a teensy bit. Leto wore comfortable sweaters and sent polite text messages, hoping to establish an on-set dynamic where he is just a normal dude who is not to be feared. Recent pictures show Leto as practically unrecognizable since losing that fucking crazy look in his eyes.

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