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“Just Like Flapjacks In Cabo” Voted Nation’s Most Inside Joke

Published Friday, March 6th, 2015

Narrowly beating out “widdle jackwabbit,” and “hot sauce fart death,” industry officials have announced that “Just Like Flapjacks in Cabo” was voted Nation’s Most Inside Joke. The selection was based on the obscure, unrelatable nature of the reference, as well as how frequently it is brought up in conversation to the exclusion of others.

The joke, which only Kristina and her friend Joni understand, was an early favorite to win. When asked to explain the origin of the inside joke at the awards ceremony, Kristina said “Every time I try to describe it, I just can’t. Phew. I don’t even know how to begin,” feigning frustration at her inability to communicate the circumstances behind the joke. “But when Jodi says it I just totally get 100 percent what she is talking about. I’m like ‘Yes! That is so true.’”

The joke, which has never been reproduced in its entirety, is referenced by Kristina and Joni whenever the current topic of conversation remotely resembles the experience, including nearly every conversation at a recent dinner party.

“I guess you just had to be there,” said Kristina, clearly glad that no one else had been there.

While the in-joke may have received accolades for its exclusivity and exaggerated importance, its success has alienated some of the girls’ other friends. “All those two girls can focus on is that one thing. I bet the explanation behind it isn’t even that good.”

Both girls were quick to defend their actions. “I’m sure everyone else has their own inside jokes. If they had an experience this funny and meaningful, I’m sure they would reference it just as much as us,” said Kristina.

When asked about how they planned to celebrate the big win, Joni replied, “Probably with a big bag of flavored lip gloss and green Twizzlers,” which was met by puzzled looks from the crowd. Pointing at Kristina, Joni would only say, “Oh man. She knows why.”

After being voted Nation’s Most Inside Joke, many people have begun using the phrase incorrectly in popular conversation. After Kristina overheard a barista describe the mix-up with her order as “Just Like Flapjacks in Cabo,” Kristina glared at her and said, “That’s not how we use that.”

“Just Like Flapjacks in Cabo” joins such venerated ranks of past winners like “hot pocket wallet,” “HelloOooO” and Johnny Depp’s “The Tourist.”

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