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Kid Opinion - The Sun And The Moon Are Married And The Sun Is The Boy And The Moon Is The Girl by Karina, Age 6

Published Friday, March 11th, 2022

The sun and the moon are married and the sun is the boy and the moon is the girl because the sun is big like boys and the moon is small like girls. The sun and the moon got married on Jupiter one billion years ago and then they went to Florida on vacation and the Earth is their daughter and also the sun comes out during the day because he sleeps at night and the moon comes out at night because it’s her favorite and when we’re driving in the car at night and I look out the window I can see the moon and she follows me because she loves me.

And the sun and the moon live together in space in a house on the big dipper because that is their favorite place and also it’s my favorite and all the other planets are their children and sometimes they go on dates on the stars and the sun comes out every day but some days he doesn’t come out because he is on a date with the moon and this one time I looked right at the sun and it didn’t even hurt my eyes but another time I looked at the sun and it hurt.

The sun is friends with all the clouds and one time I saw a cloud that looked like a pig and but it started to rain because when it rains that means the sun is sad because he misses the moon because the moon is asleep but then the moon wakes up and the sun is happy again and there’s a rainbow. I LOVE rainbows because they are so pretty and one time I actually touched a rainbow! One time, I saw three rainbows at once and the sun and the moon at the same time because the moon was awake.

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