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Kids Tossing Frisbee On Main Green Embarrassingly Bad At Frisbee

Published Friday, September 16th, 2022

According to witnesses on campus yesterday, some students tossing around a frisbee on the Main Green are embarrassingly bad at frisbee.

“It’s pretty obvious that those kids have never thrown a frisbee in their life,” said junior Kira Lowry, quickly ducking to avoid a rogue frisbee spinning inches away from her forehead. “They’re an embarrassment to the sport, really. It’s atrocious.”

“It’s really not that hard to throw a frisbee,” Lowry added, watching one of the kids confidently chuck the frisbee right into a tree. “You can learn from a simple YouTube video. Or by watching literally anyone who has a remote idea of how to throw. You’d think they’d practice on their own before doing it in front of everybody.”

“Still, you gotta respect their dedication,” Lowry continued, as the frisbee landed forcefully in the middle of a peaceful group of students on a picnic blanket, several yards away from its intended recipient. “These kids are out there every day. I even heard one of them refer to himself as a ‘Disc-er.’”

At press time, sources confirmed that the students are also humiliatingly terrible at Spikeball.

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