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Least Valued Friend Has To Pull Up Chair

Published Friday, September 17th, 2021

After seating themselves at a table with one fewer chair than people present, a friend group’s least valued member had to pull up a chair.

“Looks like there’s a free chair over there — be right back!” said Toby Moransen ’25 as he went to drag a chair to the reaches of the group, oblivious to the fact that seconds ago his friends had been forced to make a split-second decision and in that moment agreed that he was completely expendable. “Whew. I forgot how heavy those lawn chairs were. So, what’re you guys talking about?”

“What’s the weekend plan? We doing anything tonight?” Toby continued, failing to note the group’s shift in tone as he eased into his freshly relocated seat. “We can hang in my dorm if everyone’s down!”

At press time, everyone but Toby was walking on a sidewalk side-by-side.

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