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The Brown Noser

Listen To Me, We Don’t Have Much Time. I Saw A Group Of Jump Bikes Two Blocks Away. They’re Coming. For Us.

Published Friday, October 26th, 2018

Quick, duck down and get behind the bush. Shhhh, don’t fight me on this. It’s worse than I thought so listen to me because we don’t have much time. I saw a group of Jump Bikes and they’re only two blocks away. They’re coming. For us.

You have to be more quiet. They’ll hear us. I saw them on the app. It was a group of six. You never see that many together. It must mean something big is happening.

They’re going to be on us in no time. Hiding isn’t going to do us much good since they’ll just catch our scent. We can try to make a run for it. We might stand a chance if we go up a hill. Sure, they’re electric, but we’re faster.

Wait, shhhhh. Do you hear that whir? There’s one close by. Don’t move. If it finds us, run. I can hold it off for a few minutes, but not much longer. You’ll have to save yourself. Wait. I think it’s passed.

Now’s our chance to make a break for it. Let me just check the tracker. Oh my god. They’re everywhere. They’ve already taken over College Hill. It’s a swarm. There’s no escape.

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