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Listserv Email Somber Reminder Of Past Innocence, Openness To New Experience

Published Friday, April 20th, 2018

Junior James Wright reports that an email that had appeared in his inbox early this morning with the subject line “Brown Aerial Arts Revised Schedule” was a poignant reminder of the openness and energizing curiosity that flowed through the early weeks of his freshman year.

Wright noted that he had barely noticed the email, which had materialized among the daily selection of Today at Brown, Honor Society, Expedia, and LinkedIn messages.

“When I noticed it," Wright explained, "I was reminded of the freshman me, anxious but excited, at the activities fair in the OMAC. I remember the chaos, the hustle and bustle, but more than anything else, an energy that emanated from within. I was very aware that I was in college and a world of opportunities and new experiences lay before me. Back then, as I innocently walked among the rows of booths, I felt I could find my passions, or even, my calling. Wow, what a different time!”

Wright continued that, all those years ago, when he saw the Brown Aerial poster board, and was greeted with a welcoming smile by a student at the accompanying booth, he had confidently written his email in the Excel spreadsheet opened on a laptop nearby. “I felt like I could do anything!” he reminisced.

“After seeing that email this afternoon,” he continued. "I thought, hey, you know what? That old me, that curious explorer, is still here somewhere. Maybe this time I should shake it up, go out of my comfort zone and actually check this out? I may really enjoy it!”

After the fleeting moment had passed, Wright finally opened the email, only to reply “Please take me off this. Thank you.”

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