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Marvel Announces New Spiderman Reboot During End Credits Of Current Spiderman Reboot

Published Friday, March 8th, 2019

Following quickly on the heels of the Tobey-Maguire-led Spiderman series, the Andrew-Garfield-led Spiderman series, the Tom-Holland-led Spiderman series, and the animated Into the Spiderverse film, Marvel has announced a new Spiderman series during the end credits of the current Spiderman series.

“The end of one Spiderman reboot always signals the beginning of another,” said Marvel President Kevin Fiege. “We never want our audiences to be left in the lurch, wondering when a new Spiderman film will be coming. Because of that, we see it as our responsibility to be constantly turning out Spiderman content. There’s no time to waste.”

“This next reboot will be a crucial addition to the Spiderman universe,” continued Fiege. “We’ll get to see Spiderman in a slightly different suit. It’ll be less blue. But it’ll still be Peter Parker and Mary Jane will still be there too. We’ll find a new D-list comic book villain for him to fight, though.”

At press time, Fiege announced that all the Spidermen in Spiderman history will be featured in the next Avengers movie, fighting as one big team.

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