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Music Professor Holding High Note On Trumpet Until Every Single Student Gives Standing Ovation

Published Friday, March 9th, 2018

Students in Friedman Auditorium grew concerned as visiting music lecturer Eric Westwood began holding a high C on his trumpet and would not stop until every one of them stood up in applause.

Westwood was reportedly giving an example of improvisation when he landed on a very high note, at which point he began requesting an ovation. “I think he gave about three or four little half-bows at the beginning,” said a student in the back row. “It took us about twenty seconds to realize he was asking us to applaud, because not a lot of people were that impressed.”

Many students began clapping and some left their seats, but that apparently did not satisfy Professor Westwood. “You could see the vein on his forehead popping out really badly,” said a TA in the front row. “I think he realized he had gotten himself into an awkward situation, and committed to holding that C until everyone was giving a standing ovation. He’s just so prideful. But I was worried about his health.”

“At one point, we had everyone out of their seat clapping, but then he kind of waved us off, as if we needed to be honestly impressed and applaud on our own accord,” added a woman in the middle of the audience. “By that point, he was just barely getting air through the trumpet, and definitely low on oxygen.”

The predicament was resolved when the clock struck 2:20 PM, and Westwood was left alone in the lecture hall to finally take a shame-free breath.

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