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Nation's TV Moms Announce Plans to Clutch Mug, Tip Head to Side

Published Monday, October 31st, 2022

America’s TV Moms have just released their plans to hold their mug with both hands and lovingly tilt their head to the side.
“We are just so proud of those kids,” said local mom Jean Mackintire as she leaned one arm against the countertop, “they just won’t stop growing up! I feel like it was only yesterday they were in diapers. And it wasn’t easy. I earned these crow’s feet!”
She chuckled, deftly sweeping aside stray bangs from her forehead.
“Kids! I made chicken nuggets!” cried Mackintire as she wiped her hands off on her monogrammed non-branded ‘Mom’ apron. “I do it for those smiles!”
At press time, America's TV dads announced plans to sit at the breakfast table and read a huge newspaper.

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