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New Legislation Guarantees Prisoners’ Right To Sympathetic Netflix Documentary Series

Published Friday, March 8th, 2019

Following the precedent set by Netflix’s Making a Murderer series, a new law passed by Congress now guarantees a prisoner’s right to a sympathetic Netflix documentary series about their life.

“The justice system isn’t giving defendants a fair shot so it’s time for streaming services to step in,” said the lead sponsor on the bill, Vincent Twain. “We saw it happen with Making a Murderer: this is the only way to get the ball rolling. So everyone should have that opportunity.”

Following the signing of the bill, anyone who is taken into custody is now entitled to a reading of the Miranda Rights, one phone call, and a quick meeting with an Associate Producer to plan the emotional arc of their series.

“Like any major legislative change,” Twain continued, “It’ll take some time to put the infrastructure in place. We’re going to need to hire a lot of documentary crews. And make a section specifically for the documentaries on Netflix.”

“Some activists are lobbying for second seasons of the series to be automatically picked up but it’s just not the political climate for that. As of right now, they’re limited series only.”

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