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New Show On Food Network Just Some Guy Who Walks Into Restaurants Unannounced And Starts Eating Food From Kitchen

Published Friday, March 17th, 2017

Coming to television this spring, a new show on the Food Network titled “Seriously No Reservations” will feature a man who walks into restaurants across the country and eats food from the kitchen without contacting the owner beforehand sources reported Tuesday. The show, starring TV chef personality Guy Ansel, is considered a first in a series of food shows where the restaurant is completely surprised by the film crew and host.

A preview of the show online featured Ansel briskly walking into the back kitchen of popular Dallas eatery “Maple and Motor”, and diligently eating their famous Cowboy Style burger. When spotted, he frantically stuffs his mouth and pockets with fistfuls of their famous straight-cut fries while running out of the restaurant.

In another clip, Ansel is shown to actually be hiding under a table, slowly eating a lasagna from famous Detroit restaurant “Pegasus”. Unfortunately for him, the head chef realizes something is amiss when he sees a whole camera crew blatantly in the kitchen, with a boom microphone pointed at Ansel. Ansel hisses at the chef and runs out the back with the camera crew while continuing to eat the lasagna.

However, not all of the show will take place in the kitchen. A pilot episode shown last week featured Ansel running out of L.A.’s “Tsujita La” by weaving through dining tables like a running back and throwing their famous Peking Ramen noodles at patrons trying to stop him. Some waiters and staff are shown just throwing their hands up while exchanging glances to see if anyone knows just what in the hell is going on here. One chef even throws a cleaning rag on the ground and fittingly yells, “Son of a bitch! Not again!”

Sometimes Ansel will even take the risk of messing with food while it’s still being prepared. In the same pilot episode, Ansel sneaks up on a baker at Seattle’s finest “Bakery Nouveau”. When the baker turns away to grab another ingredient, Ansel ushers the camera crew closer before sticking one finger in the batter. Soon after, the baker could be heard yelling, “Oh, what the fuck is this now!”, and before running away Ansel simply gives a thumbs up to the camera and a wink.

Although online polls show people are excited about the rawer direction Ansel is taking, some featured managers have come forward to voice concerns. Brandon Peter, owner of New Orleans local favorite “The Joint”, said it was not all fun from his perspective. “I was talking with a customer when all of the sudden one of my servers tells me that there’s some food network guy eating our stock of pulled pork from the back. I was furious. When I went to the back, this Ansel guy tried to splash me with hot oil from the fryer before bolting with around half a pound of pork and mayo hanging out of his mouth.”

“Seriously No Reservations” is set to premier this April, 6 p.m. EST.

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