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Only The President Really Lives The American Dream, By President Barack Obama

Published Friday, March 11th, 2016

The most powerful promise our nation has to offer is the American Dream. For generations, people have been inspired by the idea that all can make something of themselves here in America. But what those people don’t understand is that only the president really lives the American Dream. I'm living the American dream right now, and I'm the only one.

Most people think that the American Dream is a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence, car, and two or three beautiful kids. But really, those people are all wrong! Living the American Dream is controlling the world’s most powerful military as head of the executive branch.

Andrew Carnegie was born poor in Scotland and moved to the United States with barely a penny to his name. He got a job doing work in a telegraph office and was quickly promoted because he was a non-stop worker who took initiative. Soon, he became a manager and saved up his money so that he could buy a business of his own. Carnegie bought a small railroad company, diversifying into the steel and communications industries. Eventually he became a business magnate, all out of his hard work and desire to make something out of himself.

Sound like the American Dream? Not a chance! This is just an inspiring story. Andrew Carnegie was not living the American Dream because he was never president like Abraham Lincoln or Bill Clinton or Gerald Ford! Or me!

You might also say that famed industrialist John D. Rockefeller lived the American Dream, but once again, did he live in the White House? No, he did not. John D. Rockefeller might’ve had a bowling alley in his house, but he never got to make a State of the Union address.

Thanks to this great nation of mine, Michelle and I have been able to raise two beautiful, healthy daughters with the best education system in the world. But after the kids were born I still felt like I was missing something because I was not the leader of the free world. Now, that hole is filled, and I’m living the dream!

But I do not want to run for president again. It is really hard, and I don’t get that much sleep.

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