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Person Selling Houseplants On Brown Buying And Selling Like Plants Not Outside For Free

Published Friday, March 12th, 2021

Perplexing many of his Facebook friends, Brad Williams ’21 was recently trying to sell plants on Brown Buying and Selling like plants are not outside for free.

“I’m sorry… but has Brad ever been outside?” said Dmetri Sheridan ’22, who was flummoxed by his classmate’s attempt to peddle easily-obtainable objects on Facebook. “Why would anyone buy a plant when they can go outside and have a million plants without spending any money? What an incredibly stupid thing to do.”

“Does he not know where plants come from?” Sheridan continued, incredulous when he saw that a single hanging plant was priced at $15 in Williams’ post. “They grow outside, and there are so many of them. If I want plants, I would much rather take a look in my yard than set myself back fifteen bucks.”

“I don’t get it. Is it a joke?” Sheridan wondered aloud, repeatedly looking back and forth from the Facebook post to the view outside his window to make sure he wasn’t missing anything. “There’s plants right there. I could stand up right now and go grab one, two, however many I want. Does Brad know about this?”

At press time, Williams was paying his utilities bill every month like water and fire are not easily accessible elements.

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