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Ratty Trying To Find Even More Out Of The Way Place To Put The Bowls

Published Friday, April 19th, 2019

In a press report released on Tuesday, Sharpe Refectory administrator Nick Guerra announced that The Ratty is working on finding a new, even more out of the way place to put the bowls. “We’re stepping up our efforts to make it even harder to find bowls in the Ratty,” reported Guerra, explaining the cafeteria’s bold decision. “We’re looking into places in the distant corners of the cafeteria that are near food items that don’t require bowls at all. And, as with our other bowl locations, we’ll hide them underneath the countertop. As always, we’ll still be taking away the yogurt bowls the second the yogurt is put away.” Guerra went on to add that they’ll also now only be putting out ten bowls each day.

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