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Report: There Somehow Enough People Who Sing Opera On Campus To Fill A Brown Opera Productions Cast

Published Friday, March 9th, 2018

According to a study conducted by students at Brown, there is somehow enough people who sing opera at Brown to fill an entire Brown Opera Productions cast.

“We always thought opera was a pretty obscure thing to do so we were surprised to see that at least like, ten to twenty people sing it here,” the report detailed, explaining that previous research assumed that opera was probably only a European thing. “It is now clear that there’s a sizeable group of people on campus that actually sing opera. Pretty weird.”

The report reached its conclusions based on the fact that Brown Opera Productions seems to put on a couple shows a year. Researchers were unable to determine whether everyone who sings can just sing opera too, or if opera is a special thing that you have to take classes or something for.

The report urged further research on the matter to determine whether or not there are enough people who like opera to fill up the audience, or whether they’re filled with the cast members’ friends.

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