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Sitcom Actor Somehow Nation’s Point Person on Climate Change

Published Friday, March 17th, 2017

After successfully watching a documentary on global warming and later tweeting about it from his personal account, former sitcom actor, Ricardo DiGregorio is wondering how he became the nation’s point person on climate change sources reported Friday.

Rather than turning to hundreds of scientists, experts, graduate students, or even undergraduate students around the world who have cumulatively spent decades researching the causes and effects of global warming, the nation readily gives the star of a successful NBC sitcom full authority on the phenomenon.

“He might not know all the details of the subject, but his heart’s in the right place” says Linda Rhimes, a Minnesotan local who exclusively learns about climate change by checking up on DiGregorio’s twitter feed every couple of months. His tweets are known to feature sobering facts regarding global warming, coupled with vague calls to action to the general populace.

“Watching Ashton Kutcher’s documentary on climate change really changed things for me. It’s great how Hollywood can come together and take the reigns on issues we didn’t even know about a year ago” DiGregorio said. “I just hope the rest of world can similarly come together and stop what’s happening. Also, did you know that the Earth’s average temperature has risen by 1.5 °F over the past half century, due almost exclusively to human CO2 emissions?”

At press time, DiGregorio had just finished watching ‘White Helmets’ on Netflix and has some thoughts on Syria.

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