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Straight Man Finds Creative Outlet in Zany Socks

Published Friday, September 15th, 2017

Area resident Trent Walker is expressing a new side of his personality through unusual, flashy socks, sources report.

“My friends have noticed a change in me recently,” Walker observed. “My socks are different than most people’s socks. I’m different.”

Walker believes his unconventional socks allow him to explore his own identity more freely, and he has made some shocking self-discoveries. “When I put on a pair of neon midcalves, I’m really making a statement, which I've never done before."

His ever-growing sock collection now includes many colors that aren’t white; some of his socks even have animals or relatable designs on them.

“My favorite pair is this one with kangaroos, and each kangaroo has a different type of alcohol in its pouch,” Walker detailed. “Like, one kangaroo has a fifth of whiskey in its pouch, another has a Natty Light. That’s really me, and I’m glad I get to share that.”

Walker’s experimentation may be happening beneath the pant leg, but he feels the affects throughout his life. “I’m glad I got the courage to try this out. This is big for me,” Walker confessed. In the distant future, Walker says he cold consider bowties or band collar shirts, but feels he is not that "loud” at present.

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