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Student Deeply Engrossed In One-Page Summary Of Book

Published Friday, May 12th, 2023

According to sources, a student was spotted on the Main Green deeply engrossed in a one-page summary of a book.

“Literature like this, you just gotta appreciate”, commented Will Bennet, while gazing in quiet admiration at the single sheet of paper in his hands. “The character descriptions, the themes, and let’s not forget the setting! It’s such a well-crafted story, I can barely stop myself from reading this whole thing in one sitting!”

“What’s the book about, you ask? Well, this is a fascinating story about Christopher, a grizzled fisherman with a troubled past,” continued Bennet, reading directly from the single-paragraph section labeled ‘premise’. “Oh, and get this: it takes place in the late 1800s, and the setting reflects the time period! It says so right here!”

At press time, Bennet was spotted changing his paper’s thesis to better reflect whatever bullshit he just got from ChatGPT.

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