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Raincoat Only Keeping Dog 30% Dry | May 03 2024

Recent reports indicate that a local dog is only being kept 30% dry by its little raincoat. “But just look at how cute he is in his little coat!” said Carrie Happis in reference to her sopping wet dog, Bugsy. “He might be getting a little wet, but nothing a little towel action can’t fix!” “Initially, I thought I was overpaying for this raincoat.

If I Save You From Falling Off This Steep Cliff Face, I’d Have To Do It For Every Student by Your Professor | May 03 2024

Look, I definitely understand where you’re coming from, and I empathize with your position. But if I save you right now from this deadly drop, it wouldn’t be fair for the rest of the section. Let’s look at this situation from my perspective, okay? I’m up here, on top of this cliff, and I see one of my students dangling precariously over a steep canyon, slowly losing their grip on a tree root jutting from the cliff face.

Nation’s Drowning Swimmers Announce Plans To Glurgh Blugh Glurbbb | Mar 15 2024

This morning, a coalition representing this nation’s drowning swimmers announced plans to glurgh blugh glurbbb. “Powerful words from a historically marginalized group,” said a local lifeguard, giving a salute to the drowning swimmers in front of him.

Film Critic Claiming Horror Movie Was About Grief Clearly Missed The Scary Monster That Kills People | Mar 15 2024

Recent comments from a film critic about a horror movie’s themes of grief clearly show he missed the scary monster that kills people. “The film expertly delivers a heart-wrenching display of the grief and guilt of losing a loved one,” said film critic Brendon Moutes, completely missing the grotesque, man-devouring swamp monster that the movie was clearly about.

The Basketball Going Into The Hoop And Passing Through The Net Is A Metaphor For Conception And Birth by LeBron James | Mar 15 2024

In my 21-year career at the top of the NBA, I can say that I’ve done it all. 40,000 points, four championships, and a story that people will be telling for years to come. But before my career comes to an end, before I hang up the shoes and bid farewell to the hardwood, I’d like to impart a little wisdom on you all: The basketball going through the hoop and passing through the net is a metaphor for conception and birth.

Airplane Safety Video Filmed In Every Location Except Inside Airplane | Feb 16 2024

This morning, an airplane safety video was reportedly being filmed in every location except inside an airplane. “When a passenger watches the safety demonstration video on the screen in front of them, they want to see something exciting!” claimed renowned director Kristen Palmentrop, while filming a cowboy demonstrating the seat belt mechanism on top of a bucking horse.

Hey, Check Out This Gold I Found! by Fool | Feb 16 2024

Hey, check this gold out. Pretty cool, huh? Who woulda thought that a guy like me would one day be the proud owner of real gold? I wish all my nay-sayers and doubters could see me now. I’d like to see the look on their stinkin’ faces when they realize that the ‘fool’ who lost all his money in that shredder accident is back on top, baby! Ok, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I didn’t really find it.

Horse-Sized Friend Not Really Feeling The Ketamine High | Feb 16 2024

This evening, your horse-sized friend is reporting that he isn’t really feeling the ketamine high. “Well this is a little underwhelming,” said your friend, whose weight and size are roughly akin to that of a purebred palomino. “It’s alright, I guess.

Nation’s Toddlers Announce Plans To Use Second Hand To Count | Feb 16 2024

Last Friday, the nation’s toddlers announced plans to use a second hand for counting. “One hand and five fingers simply just doesn’t cut it anymore, we’re dealing with BIG numbers now”, said a toddler in support of the plan, between bouts of open-mouth coughing, “With the inclusion of a second hand, I’ll be able to count to numbers that I’ve only ever dreamed of, like 7 or a million!” “It will be an adjustment for sure,” continued the toddler, while trying to count how many fast the dog is running, “With both hands in the counting business now, how am I gonna shove Legos up my nose?” “As much of a change it will be to do two-hand counting, it’s a necessary step forward,” concluded the toddler, easily counting to one hundred using the ‘skip-a-few’ technique, “We’re only getting older, and one day we’ll be adults and have to do three, even four hand counting! At press time, the toddlers ballparked your age somewhere between 10 and 67..

Report: Person You’re Arguing With Actually Was Born Yesterday, You Asshole | Dec 08 2023

A recent report indicated that the person you are currently arguing with actually was born yesterday, you asshole. “Records show that this little guy is one day old and doesn’t know anything,” the report read, in reference to the apparent infant that you’re insensitive ass just insulted.

Infinite Monkeys With Typewriters Wish You Gave Their Earlier Stuff A Chance | Dec 08 2023

Recently, an infinite amount of monkeys with typewriters have asked you to give their other writings a chance. “We don’t want to write Shakespeare! Why would you want us to recreate something that’s already been done when we can offer you so much more?” asked Monkey #136,332, the elected representative of the incomprehensibly large cohort of typing monkeys.

Student Covering Up Hickeys Like He Doomed Survivor In Zombie Apocalypse | Oct 27 2023


It May Be Hot Right Now But At Least It’s A Dry Heat! by Man Stuck Inside Big Microwave | Oct 27 2023

Ok, let’s face it: It’s hot, it’s unpleasant, and the door to this enormous microwave won’t open no matter how hard I push. But as bad as it is, it could be worse! This is just a dry heat—there’s almost no humidity to speak of! I’ve lived in a lot of hot places: I grew up in Arizona, moved to Florida for college, and now I’m inside of a giant microwave from which I cannot escape.

Proposed Ukraine Aid Bill Promises To Send $6 Billion, LeBron James | Oct 27 2023

Earlier today, the President approved a bill that would send an aid package of $6 billion and NBA superstar LeBron James to Ukraine. “The conflict in Ukraine has become a dire situation, and neither the United States nor the Los Angeles Lakers can stand by and allow it to worsen.

University Announces Plans To Do Absolutely Nothing By 2030 | Sep 22 2023

Earlier today, the University announced plans to achieve absolutely nothing by 2030. “I’m very excited to unveil our University’s newest commitment to the future,” stated President Christina Paxson, gesturing to the completely blank slideshow behind her.

Report: Post-High School Connections Down To Just Your English Teacher And Chris | Sep 22 2023

A recent report revealed that your post-high school connections have dwindled down to just your old English teacher and Chris. “Everybody other than your tenth-grade English teacher and Chris from debate team is busy or just has better things to do,” the report read, in reference to the dozen or so people you saw every day for four years.

Relationship With Parents Never Been More Okayish | Sep 22 2023

Junior Kristen Gaffe reported earlier that her relationship with her parents has never been more okayish. “My parents and I are definitely moving in a neutral direction, and I think it really stems from a mutual acknowledgment of my independence,” said Gaffe, adding that the weekly calls from home are now just inconvenient instead of painful.

Nine Out Of Ten Dentists Recommend You Don’t Let That Other Guy Anywhere Near Your Teeth | Sep 22 2023

A recent survey found that 9/10 dentists recommend you don’t let that other guy anywhere near your teeth. “Nobody knows where this guy came from, and none of us are brave enough to find out,” reported 90 percent of the dentists in the room, adding that you could do with a little more flossing once you’ve found somewhere safe to hide.

Local Man Too Polite To Ask Intrusive Thoughts To Leave | Sep 22 2023

A local man is reportedly too polite to ask his intrusive thoughts to leave. “Oh, those old things?,” said Dwayne Schumer, referring to the horrible thoughts that have been haunting his conscience since early childhood. “No, I couldn’t possibly ask them to leave.

Student Deeply Engrossed In One-Page Summary Of Book | May 12 2023

According to sources, a student was spotted on the Main Green deeply engrossed in a one-page summary of a book. “Literature like this, you just gotta appreciate”, commented Will Bennet, while gazing in quiet admiration at the single sheet of paper in his hands.

Tour Guide Getting Paid To Say Good Things About Brown Has Only Good Things To Say | May 12 2023

Sources report that a tour guide getting paid to say good things about Brown has only good things to say. “What can I say, this is a great school!” says tour guide Becca Platt, ‘24, while logging her tour hours in Workday to make bank. “All I’ve got is praise for this wonderful institution!” “This is as authentic as it gets! These students deserve to know about our stressless finals and lively party scene,” Platt continued, reviewing her latest fat paycheck.

CDC Advises Nation To Stay Away From Grandpa When He Starts Coughing Like That | Apr 14 2023

Addressing the nation from a televised broadcast, the CDC advised to stay away from Grandpa when he’s coughing like that. “We are working hard to identify his illness, but he’s kinda at that age where it could be anything,” said a CDC spokesperson, noting that Grandpa’s smoker lungs make just about anything sound like a death rattle.