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Student Hopes Fourth Lap Around Ratty Might Yield New Menu Choices

Published Friday, October 25th, 2019

As she power walked past the coffee station, first year Megan Smith hoped that her fourth lap around the Ratty might reveal some new menu choices.

“Maybe the fries have gotten less soggy in the last few minutes?” Smith said. “Or I kinda zoned out in my first three passes by Roots and Shoots. It’s definitely worth checking back in there.”

Smith could not shake the suspicion that the Ratty had more to offer. “I should take another swing past the salad bar. They’re bound to put out something new eventually,” she continued.

“Ok, I’ll look one more time and then I’ll definitely settle on something. There’s always pizza,” Smith remarked. “But while I’m over by the pizza, I might as well see if the Comforts line has gotten shorter.”

“Have I passed that bowl of moldy oranges already?” a disoriented Smith wondered aloud. “How long have I been in here?”

At press time, Smith was spotted dejectedly eating a bowl of cereal.

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