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Student Resumes Trashing Corporate America on Social Media After Internship At Wall Street Hedge Fund

Published Friday, September 15th, 2017

As proven by a recent Facebook post, senior Naomi Leung has resumed trashing corporate America just four days after finishing her internship at the lucrative Wall Street hedge fund Marcato International.

“When will the greedy capitalists realize that when the richest 1% of Americans own 38% of the privately held wealth, regular middle class folks get frustrated?? #FeelTheBern.” wrote Leung, whose recently updated profile picture featured her popping champagne on a private yacht with the billionaire CEO.

“I hate it when large corporations aren’t held accountable for stealing poor people’s money! It isn’t fair when only the rich get richer :( ” read another tweet of Leung’s, who, according to LinkedIn, recently accepted a full time job offer with the hedge fund after graduation.

At press time, Leung deposited her signing bonus while simultaneously ranting about income inequality.

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