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Student Seamlessly Transitions From Wine On The Seine To PBR In Caswell Basement

Published Friday, September 14th, 2018

Upon returning to campus from a romantic, culturally stimulating semester in Paris, senior Heather Chu experienced an entirely seamless transition from sipping wine on the Seine to shot-gunning PBR in Caswell basement.

“I had an amazing time abroad, but honestly, I can’t believe how right it feels jamming my keys into the side of this shitty can,” stated Chu, peeling her feet off the beer-stained linoleum. “I know, 6 months ago I was sitting along the Seine, gazing wistfully across the water as my French lover fed me cheese but this is just as special.”

Chu, who previously worried social life at Brown would pale in comparison to the drinking culture in France, was nothing but delighted to be right where she was, drinking cheap beer in a dorm basement and telling her friends to quiet down so that they wouldn’t attract DPS.

“Of course I miss listening to street musicians as the sunset glinted off the river,” Chu reminisced as the Spotify playlist was interrupted by an ad, “But coming back, I feel like I’m experiencing the culture here in a totally different, but equally beautiful way.”

Before heading to John Street, Chu was seen asking someone to take a picture of her with the twinkle lights taped to the wall, because they reminded her of the Eiffel tower at night.

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