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Stunt Man Could’ve Been Real Actor Had He Not Been So Damn Unbreakable

Published Friday, September 15th, 2017

His strength and toughness consistently overshadowing his flawless acting technique, professional stuntman Eddie Chap could’ve been a real actor had he not been so damn unbreakable.

“Sometimes I can’t help but think about the career I could have had in this business if I didn’t have such a knack for throwing myself off buildings and taking punches,” said Chap. “Yes, my ability to be lit on fire and not be harmed is a huge gift. But I know if I wasn’t such a natural at that kind of stuff, I’m certain I would’ve won an Oscar by now.”

For as long as he can remember, Chap recalls resenting having to sub in for actors for big fight scenes but never gets to participate on the more substantive scenes.

“When you’re this impervious to danger,” explained Chap, “It doesn’t matter how powerfully you can deliver a monologue or the range of emotions you can portray; you’re doomed to be a stunt man.”

At press time, Chap was wishing the film crew was applauding for his expressive facial expressions instead of the way he perfectly crashed through a window.

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