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Sweet Children! Can I Offer You Some Delectable Marzipan From My Personal Stash? It Will Dance Over Your Tongue As Jolly As A Pixie Upon The Knoll! by Gimble, The Marzipan King

Published Friday, March 15th, 2024

Hark! Children! Do you know what time it is? Well of course, it’s time to take some marzipan from me, Gimble, Marzipan King! As your benevolent ruler and patriarch, it is my duty to make sure my little babies get their sweet treats in their tummies, and boy do I have sweet treats a-plenty. My marzipan stash is the largest in all the land, and luckily for you my little sweeties, I want nothing more than to share it and watch as it titillates your taste buds like a pixie dancing upon a knoll bathed in sunshine. There is no sweeter joy for a Marzipan King than to treat my little angels to a snack—a snack of marzipan, of course! There is no better candy I have ever heard of, and anyone who says otherwise will be executed. Tally Ho! Enjoy, my babies! Eat up!

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