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Sweet Ghost Secretly Cracking People’s Backs For Them

Published Friday, September 15th, 2017

After reviewing footage he took using an infrared camera, paranormal activity expert Christian Torque reports that a sweet ghost has been haunting the Providence Biltmore secretly cracking the hotel guests’ backs.

“He’s a pretty big apparition and is able to wrap his arms around the person, pick them up just off the ground, and give them a little jostle,” said Torque. “You can tell he’s nice because it’s obvious he’s being really gentle so he doesn’t screw up any of the important joints in your back.”

Hotel guests report that, since the paranormal presence was first felt, they’ve felt much less tight.

“Some guests have described feeling a chill pass over them when they’re laying down in bed,” said Torque, explaining that the chill was immediately followed by a weight on their backs and a loud popping sound. “We have a suspicion that that’s the ghost too. It’s him working out any knots with his hands.”

At press time, the ghost was possessing people just so it could make them sit with a better posture.

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