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Things Are Almost Back To Normal, But Now Is Still The Perfect Time To Get Into Competitive Online Mahjong by free-online-mahjong-games.net

Published Friday, September 17th, 2021

Hey, listen. We know you’ve had a crazy year and a half. You know what’s even crazier? That things are almost back to normal. But trust us: now is still the perfect time to get into competitive online mahjong.

Yeah, yeah, we know about the Delta variant. We said “almost,” didn’t we, silly? But, wow. Really. It seems like just yesterday it was March 2020 and we were locking ourselves up in our homes for quarantine. We had so much time on our hands. Maybe a little too much. We watched TV. Tiger King anyone? We spent a lot of time with family. Maybe a little too much. Some of us played mahjong. Did you?

But now that period in our lives seems to be coming to an end. People are returning to work in offices. 9-5s are 9-5s again. I don’t know about you, but for us, it’s been more like 10:30-12 and 3-6:30. Right? Our social lives are returning in the form of lunch dates, coffee dates, dinner dates, and late-night milkshake dates at the local diner. Our time is becoming segmented again, like mahjong tiles. More planned time and less time for mindless activity and distraction. And, guys, guess what? We’re a little bit bummed about it.

That’s why we here at free-online-mahjong-games.net want to reiterate that now is still the best time to get really deep into competitive online mahjong. We know, we know. You have to start being responsible again. You can’t spend three to four hours a day playing the Chinese tile-based game mahjong. Well, we say, why not? Live a little. Play mahjong for five hours a day.

Oh, you don’t even know what mahjong is? Well, we just told you. It’s a tile-based game from China. It has fun drawings on the tiles. You should play it for six to seven hours a day so you can earn rewards points which can be redeemed in the form of rare collectibles and/or gift cards to Best Buy.

What? You have to go out and see your friends? You haven’t met your sister’s new baby in Tucson yet? You can make new friends on free-online-mahjong-games.net. Mahjong is your baby now. Play it for ten hours a day.

Oh, what’s that now? You’re warming up to the idea but you’re concerned about what kind of friends you might make on free-online-mahjong-games.net? You think it’s gonna be all losers. Well, let us ask you this. You’re considering joining, aren’t you? Are you a loser? Do you think of yourself as a loser, loser? Because if you think that only losers play mahjong for 15 hours a day on free-online-mahjong-games.net but you yourself are considering doing that then wouldn’t that make you a loser? But you’re not a loser are you?

It’s time for you to join free-online-mahjong-games.net.

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