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"Tonight Is Going To Be Wild,” Says Freshman Who Will Just End Up Getting Drunk In Keeney Basement And Heading To Jo's

Published Friday, December 7th, 2018

Unaware that he was about to spend his Friday night getting buzzed in the basement of Keeney and dejectedly heading to Jo’s, freshman David Walter excitedly reported that he is going to go wild tonight.

“We’re going to hit the track and football houses and then head downtown to the Colosseum later on,” Walter reported, unaware that he would be fast asleep by 12:30. “And from there who knows.”

“Last Saturday night was pretty fun,” Walter continued, reminiscing about last weekend when he and a couple of friends played beer pong in his room before wandering around Thayer, “But I have a feeling tonight is going to top it.”

“You just never know where the night’s going to take you,” he continued, not knowing that he and his friends would just drink two beers in their dorm and then head to Jo’s.

Walter was later seen at Jo’s eating a spicy with and sending a snapchat with the caption, “I love college,” before heading to bed.

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