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The Brown Noser

Tony You Knucklehead! You’ve Ruined the Gabagool!

Published Friday, April 20th, 2018

Damn it Tony you knucklehead! What the hell do you think you’re doing? You’ve ruined the gabagool!

You gotta be kidding me. The boss is gonna be so mad. His Nonna walked three miles to the Deli to get that gabagool for cousin Vinny’s birthday! Nice going you greasy-fingered jamook!

Ah geez Tony, don’t try to fix it yourself! Do you have any idea what even goes into a gabagool you schnook? Flour? What are you gonna do with flour? I’m talkin’ here! You goon, you’ve gone and got flour all over the braciole! What have you got muzzadell for brains?

This is the last time Tony. I ain’t helping you out of this one. Whaddaya mean you don’t want my help? We’ve known each other since we were kids and now you don’t want me to help you make a gabagool for cousin Vinny’s birthday? You insult me!

The boss will be back any minute now. You’re in for it now Tony. Wait, Paulie the Rat’s ma makes a mean gabagool, he’ll know what to do! I’d trust him with my life. You got lucky this time Tony. Badda bing badda boom! Forgetta ‘bout it!

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